Family History Research

Websites to Follow

Remember seeing a link to a website but can’t remember which post it was in? This list contains all of the websites I link to in my posts.

A Look at Cook’s article on Burial Files

Atlas of Historical County Boundaries

Behind the Name


Chicago Architecture Foundation

Chicago Family History Blog

Chicago Landmarks List This is a PDF File.

Chicago Landmark’s Tour 2010 Blog

City of Chicago Landmarks Page

Dr. Bill Tell’s Ancestor Stories

DuPage County Genealogical Society

Elissa Scalise Powell

Family Atlas Software

History of Homes

Homicide in Chicago

Illinois Newspaper Project

Illinois State Archives

John Philip Colletta

KindredConnections, Naturalization Article

Midwestern Microhistory: A Genealogy Blog

Military Records Request Form

NARAtions, a National Archives Blog

National Archives Great Lakes Region

National Archives Prologue Magazine, Women and Naturalization Article

“Our Loose Ends” article about Statement of Service Cards

The Personal Past

UIC Special Manuscript Collection

U.S. Naval Armed Guard Website

©2011, copyright Jennifer Holik

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