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Amanuensis Monday – Frank Kokoska World War II

April 23, 1944

Dear Mother and Dad:

Good morning and how is everybody today. A few lines to let you know that I am in good health and hope you are the same. I am writing to let you know that I am buying a $18.75 war bond every month. It will be taken out of my pay like that $60.00 check you get every month. The bond will be made out to me but will be sent to you every month. And mother I put your name down as Co. Owner of every bond that is sent to you.

The first bond will be taken out of my pay at the end of that month. And every month after that you will get a war bond. I figured I might just as well be buying bonds as spending that money. That will leave me still 35 dollars a month to spend after you get the 60 dollar check and the bond every month. Tis all for now so say hello to the gang for me and good luck to you all. Until the next letter as always your Son.


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