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Wisdom Wednesday – Thursday FGS Conference Sessions

Last week I shared with you the sessions I am taking on Wednesday at the FGS Conference. Today I would like to share my Thursday sessions. I hope to gain a lot of wisdom from these.

Opening Session and Keynote Address

Illinois Migration & Settlement Patterns

Building a House History

Iowa History and Resources

Researching Your World War I Ancestor

I wish the conference was this month! There are several of those sessions I could use today. Oh well, at least I am one week closer to the conference date.

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Wisdom Wednesday – FGS 2011 Conference Sessions

As you know, I’m one of the Official Bloggers for FGS 2011. You can read more about that on my Generations site. I was reading blog posts the other day and came across one by Laura at It’s All Relative called FGS 2011 Registration.

Laura wrote about some of the sessions she is planning to attend. I will be in a couple of those myself! I thought I would share the sessions I chose for Wednesday. I will talk about other sessions in future posts.

Wednesday, September 7

Plenary Session: How Will Our Society Survive? Do We Alter, Mutate, Modify, Shift or Switch?

But It’s My Family: Copyright Issues for Genealogists

21st Century Marketing Techniques for Genealogists/Genealogical Societies

Effective Editing and Writing

RPAC Session on saving genealogical records in archives for societies

Designing a Publication

Wednesday will be filled with sessions to help me grow as a professional genealogist and grow my business. Having already published one book, To Soar with the Tigers and several tip sheets, all found in my store, this day will really provide an education. I am already planning to write two new tip sheets this summer on OneNote and Using Maps in Chicago Research and have two book ideas in the works.

Stay tuned for more conference updates here and on my Generations page. You can also follow me on Twitter @jencoffeelover.

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Follow Friday – April 22, 2011

Twitter and genealogy blogs have been lit up the past couple of weeks over the New England Regional Genealogy Conference. Two posts in particular struck a chord with me. Take a look.

Marian Pierre-Louis posted Speaker Tip: An Easy Way to Become a Better Speaker

Leslie Albrecht Huber posted Two Common Mistakes People Make Tracing Immigrant Ancestors



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FaceBook and Genealogy

FaceBook, one of the greatest social networking tools available, in my opinion, has opened new doors for my research. Not just with my family research but connecting with others who share this passion.

I have been FaceBook friends with a guy I graduated high school with for many months. We sporadically messaged here and there about genealogy when one of us posts something. Recently we have begun sharing more and really helping each other with research. He has access to repositories I cannot get to until May when I visit SW Missouri. I have access to repositories he cannot access unless he travels up this way.

This trading of information and of research time is benefiting us both I believe. We are both making some new contacts in the field, both discovering new resources both online and archive-based, and at least for me, learning new things. Branching out of my comfortable genealogy zone into some barely worked-with areas.

Next time you are on FaceBook chatting it up with your friends, take note of their interests. While genealogy can be a solo, lonely hobby, it doesn’t have to be. You may find an old friend can open your genealogy world to a whole new level of possibilities.