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Thankful Thursday – Happy One Year Blogiversary!

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I have been so busy that I missed the first Blogiversary of two of my blogs this month!

Happy Blogiversary to Family History Research! It turned one on June 5! Look at that cake! Are those giant M&Ms on the top or what?

So many things have happened in my genealogy world since last June it makes my head spin!

First, I started two blogs. This one and Chicago Family History.  Chicago Family History celebrated its first Blogiversary on June 25. Second, I started a professional genealogy business, Generations. Third, I wrote and published a book To Soar with the Tigers, about my cousin Robert Brouk. There are a few signed hardcover copies left. You can find them on my Generations website. Not only did I write a book but I have had several articles published in various society magazines and journals this year. Fourth, I started lecturing as part of my business. Fifth, I added house histories as a part of my business. My client base has slowly grown and I have lectures booked for early 2012.

While the business aspect has been exciting, the social networking side of it has been fabulous! I have met many people online through blogs, FaceBook and Twitter, who are interested in the same things I am. Genealogy became a less solitary pursuit. Many of these people I have met in person or will meet very soon. The Geneablogger community is very friendly and willing to help each other out in so many ways.

This blog was also one of the nominees for Family Tree Maker’s Best Blogs of 2010. Even though I didn’t make the final list it was still very exciting to be nominated!

I am very blessed to be a part of this great community and plan to continue blogging for many years to come.

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Motivation Monday – Scanning, Sorting

I have been reading so many posts recently about what to do with our genealogical treasures when we die, sorting and scanning photographs and documents, and photographing memorabilia. Then I received the most wonderful letter and package from Ginny, Bob Brouk’s widow. Bob is the focus of my book To Soar with the Tigers. Ginny sent me a few of Bob’s things that he bought while in Rangoon. I needed to make room in my curio cabinet for these items so they wouldn’t be broken. I also knew I needed to photograph them to put into a scrapbook I plan to make this year of that kind of stuff.

The guilt over not finishing my scanning and sorting and documenting all my “stuff” has been simmering for a while and is coming up like a volcanic eruption now. It is time to take care of this, even though I don’t plan to die any time soon.

I spent a good part of my weekend sorting through my boxes of memories. I sorted the stuff into boxes for person. My mom, dad, uncle, husband’s mom, dad, husband himself, then myself and each of my kids. I tossed some stuff I just didn’t need to keep, photographed and scanned other things. I still have many old photos to go through but it will get done.

What did I find? A picture of my high school sweetheart and I when we went to his Junior Prom. That was a blast from the past. So young, thin, full of life. Now…..well we won’t go there. HA! My mom gave me her high school year books and a bunch of other items that I had to just box up until I had time to go through them. I learned a few things about her life I didn’t know. I knew she was a good writer, but she could also draw. She gave me several reports and things she created in school, many of which had drawings. Gorgeous. Sadly, this gift did not get passed to me. I can only draw stick people. HA!

There are many photos from my husband’s side of Lithuanian relatives that are unmarked. It is doubtful we’ll know who these people are but I will scan some of them and post anyway. They are beautiful and who knows – maybe someone will see the photo and tell me who it is some day.

So if you are not going through your “stuff” to organize and label it in some fashion, think about doing so now. Don’t let too much time pass and get rid of the stuff you really don’t need to keep. It will make it easier for whomever you Will your belongings to later.

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To Soar with the Tigers is available for purchase

My first book, To Soar with the Tigers The Life and Diary of Flying Tiger, Robert Brouk is now available!

This is the story of Flying Tiger Robert Brouk, a Flight Leader in the 3rd Squadron of the American Volunteer Group. In the months prior to Pearl Harbor, until the disbandment of the American Volunteer Group in July 1942, the Flying Tigers valiantly fought the Japanese over the skies of Burma and China.

This story contains Robert’s complete war diary. The diary outlines his dramatic experiences from the moment he enlisted in the American Volunteer Group to its disbandment.

His story also contains snapshots of the life he led upon his return to his home in Cicero, Illinois; a graphic account of his untimely death; and accounts of how Robert has been remembered through the years.

You can find To Soar with the Tigers on Lulu in hardcover or EBook, Amazon for Kindle and Barnes and Noble’s NOOK.

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