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Mystery Monday – James Edgar Shannon

I received an email from a woman named Suzanne who was going through some boxes her mother left her. She found a wedding announcement for a James Edgar Shannon. She found my blog and wondered if this was someone I was looking for. It is not.

The announcement is listed here. If you are researching this family, please contact me and I will put you in touch with Suzanne.

Lieut. Col. and Mrs. Eugene August Wink
announce the marriage of their daughter
Eva Marie
Mr. James Edgar Shannon
on Tuesday, the fourth of June
Nineteen hundred and forty-six
Gulfport, Mississippi

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Military Monday – James Everett Shannon

In my continued quest to locate information on a family for a friend and his Shannon family, I’d like to honor a World War II Soldier, James Everett Shannon from Marshfield, Webster County, Missouri.

Memorial Service notice 5 July 1945

To Hold Memorial Service Here for Pfc. Everett Shannon
Memorial services for Pfc. Everett Shannon, only son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Shannon of this city, who was killed on Luzon March 28 of this year, will be held at the Marshfield Christian church, of which he was a member, at the Sunday morning services, July 8.

Everett entered the service in June 1941, and went overseas first to New Guinea in September 1943. He had been slightly wounded on the island of Luzon February 3rd, but had returned to active duty when he was killed in action.

He was a graduate of Marshfield High school and played on the basketball, baseball and track teams. He was 29 years of age at the time of his death. 

(Source: The Marshfield Mail 5 July 1945, Volume LIV, Number 4, page 1 column 2.)

Body of James Everett Shannon Laid to Final Rest
The body of James Everett Shannon was returned to Marshfield July 6, and funeral services were held at the Christian church July 7. James Everett was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Shannon of Marshfield. He was well known here being a star athlete in the local high school, and a favorite buddy of his many friends. He was killed in service on Luzon in 1945. In as much as possible his friends had part in the funeral service. A quartet, Warren Johnson, Bill Evans, Neil Evans, Stanley Dawson Jr., sang “Sweet hour of Prayer,” and “Church in the Wildwood.” Dr. George [unreadable] sang a solo……..[article cut off]

(Source: The Marshfield Mail 22 July 1948, )

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Military Monday – James E. Shannon Surgeon’s Certificate

The following is a partial transcription of James E. Shannon’s Surgeon’s Certificate. See page 1 here and page 2 here.

Date of Examination: June 24, 1891.

Original Pension Claim No. 975223

James E. Shannon, Rank, Pvt & Corp Company C, 2 Reg’t Ark Cav      Marshfield Mo State,

High Prairie Mo      June 24, 1891

We hereby certify that in compliance with the requirements of the law we have carefully examined this applicant, who states that he is suffering from the following disability, incurred in the service, viz: Injury to right leg, Disease of lungs, eyes, heart, kidneys and stomach.

He makes the following statement upon which he bases his claim for Original

About 17 years ago my right thigh was fractured and my right hip is out of place. I have pain in left breast all the time. I have no disease of kidney or stomach that I know of

Upon examination we find the following objective conditions: Pulse rate, 84; respiration, 20; temperature, 99; height, 5 feet 9 inches; weight, 156 pounds; age, 55 years. Injury to right leg result of fracture of thigh & surgical neck of femur, 2 1/2 inches shortening. Lamness & limited motion. No evidence of disease of lungs, eyes, heart, kidneys, or stomach. No other disability found. disability permanent and not result of viscous habits and incapacitated for manual labor 3/4

He is, in our opinion, entitled to a 10/18 rating for the disability caused by injury to right leg & hips for that caused……..

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Military Monday – Civil War Service of James E. Shannon


NAME OF SOLIDER: James E. Shannon

Southern Div

Bureau of Pensions.

No. 975223 June 15, 1891  Invalid

SIR: It is alleged that the above-named man enlisted May 16, 1863, and served as a [unreadable] in Co. C, 2 Reg’t Ark Cav also as a ………………. in Co. ………………, Reg’t …..………, and was discharged at ……………………… on Aug 20, 1865.

No. of prior claim none

The War Department will please furnish an official statement in this case, showing date of enrollment and date and mode of termination of service.

Very respectfully,

[unreadable] Commissioner

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