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What are your 2010 Goals?

Summer is winding down, which I think is very sad because I have enjoyed being a pool bum with my three boys, and it is time to re-evaluate our genealogical goals for 2010.

What were your 2010 goals? What have you accomplished and what do you still want to accomplish?

At the beginning of the year I had a couple of goals. Write a draft of a book about my cousin, Robert Brouk, a Flying Tiger. Become a better source-citer, now that I had Elizabeth Shown Mills’s book Evidence Explained. Write my great grand uncle, Michael Kokoska’s story and submit it for publication in a Czech Genealogy Society Journal. And finally, go on a few research trips into the city over the summer.

As summer progressed and I made a huge discovery about my husband’s family, I decided it was time to take the plunge and become certified and start my own genealogy business. And that is just what I have done. Now I have many more goals to finish out the year than what I started with.

1. Finish the draft of Robert’s book.

2. Start the ProGen Study Group September 1. I am waiting for the application to be sent in August for the next session.

3. Set up my business. I would like to take on a couple of clients this fall and increase my client base in 2011.

4. Finish Michael’s story.

5. Begin work on my Board for Certification of Genealogists Portfolio.

Until school starts in late August, I plan to focus on setting up my business. When school starts I plan to schedule myself to work on certain projects on certain days while my twins are in Kindergarten. I think my afternoons will be filled with homework not only for the twins but my 4th grader as well. Life is going to become very busy soon, but that is how I like it.

Will you share your goals?

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