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National Genealogical Society Home Study Course

I have read so much about the NGS Home Study Course and Nikki at Blog of a Genealogist in Training is working through it and recommended it, that I signed up. I am taking the graded option starting with CD 1 which I hope arrives early January so I can begin. I’ll post updates here on how its going along with my monthly ProGen updates.

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Book and ProGen Update

I cannot believe December is half over already! I’m thrilled to report my Bob Brouk book is done and published. I’m waiting for my proof to arrive to finalize things. As soon as it is I’ll post a link. My goal was to tell his story so his memory would live on and I have done that so I’m very pleased. I am already starting on my second book which I hope to have out by summer. Chicago researchers will hopefully find this book very useful.

ProGen is moving along. We had a great discussion at the beginning of the month about our personal libraries. We each had to share the books we thought were the most valuable and the books we still wish to add to our libraries. There were many books almost all of us owned such as The Source or The Researcher’s Guide to American Genealogy. Another popular book that was listed as owned or wanted was Bringing Your Family History to Life through Social History. This book is out of print but if you search you may find it for under $75.00. I landed it for $30 a couple of weeks ago. Used of course but in great condition. Check them out if you are looking for out of print books.

This month in ProGen we are reading about writing reviews. I have yet to complete my reading so need to get on that. The month has just flown by.  I’ll post another update in early January after our discussion.

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ProGen Study Group 10 Starts Today

It is September 1 already and ProGen 10 starts today. Our first assignment was posted and I need to write a mission statement for my business and a resume. Tomorrow evening we have our first discussion to get to know our group members. I also am visiting National Archives to look at some World War I papers and meet a fellow ProGen 10 group member who is in town.

It is going to be a busy week before the long weekend begins so I better get to it! I will post ProGen updates periodically so stay tuned.

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Madness Monday – Preparing for another research trip

My Madness Monday for this week really isn’t a brick wall I can’t climb over, just the “I just came back from a research trip and am going on two more in the next week” feeling. LOL! Yesterday I went through everything from my trip to Springfield, sorted out death certificates I looked up for other people so I can get those off, went through my lists so I am ready the next time I can get down there, and started working on my list for Friday.

Friday I am going into the city to look at Cook County Probate and Naturalization records at the Daley Building, then over to the Harold Washington Library to do ??? That is my goal today, figure out what they have there that I need. I also plan to get a reciprocal library card so I an access their databases from home. Did you know if you live in the Chicago area there is a list of libraries that participate? Just check out a Chicago Public Library’s website.

After that I may just run around downtown a little enjoying the sites, the sounds, the energy of the city before heading home. I might even do a little cemetery  hopping on the way home if I leave the city early enough.

A week from today I am thinking about heading to the National Archives to look up any Naturalizations I cannot get at the County office and look into their World War I Textual references. I understand they have information on men who were drafted and I am trying to find information on two of Michael Kokoska’s brothers who served stateside during the War. That would be very useful information for my Narrative Lineage for my Certification.

And the last thing on my list is to come up with a schedule for myself to complete parts of the Certification, finish my book on Robert Brouk, fit in the ProGen Study Group that I hope to start September 1, and take on a few clients for my new Genealogy Business.  Yes, I am launching my new business, GENERATIONS. I will have a website soon, and hope to pick up a few clients before the year ends.

All of that probably qualifies this for a Madness Monday! But it is going to be great fun and I am sure to learn a lot!

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