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ProGen Update

I cannot believe 4 out of 18 months are gone for ProGen! It has been a great learning experience so far. Our December assignment was to read chapters on Columns and Reviews. We will have our online chat later this week to discuss the reading and blogs as new ways to write about genealogy.

Our January assignment is all about research plans. After reading the chapter we must create a research plan to post for our group members to review. I anticipate this assignment will take me a little longer than the others so I better get started!


November ProGen assignment update

Our November ProGen 10 Study Group assignment was a lot of fun to create. The first step was to go on or a similar book indexing website or use a spreadsheet, to record all the genealogical books, magazines, journals, CD’s, etc., in our personal libraries. The second step was to identify books, journals, CD’s, etc., missing from our collections. The third step was to create a purchasing plan to obtain the missing items.

I have heard from other ProGen Study Group participants that this particular assignment was fun and informative because you could see what resources others had. If you are interested in seeing what is currently in my personal library, you can view it on I have a personal book listing on’s Visual Bookshelf. Just look for Jen Holik-Urban if you want to see what I read for fun.

If you have an online book collection and want to share it, please post a comment with the link.

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ProGen Update – November

Another month, a new ProGen assignment. This month we are reading about Libraries and Copyright. Our assignment this month is to catalog our home genealogy libraries, which includes magazines, CDs, books, online books, etc, either through an online system or a spreadsheet. Then we need to make a purchasing plan for books we do not own.  Should be a fun assignment!

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Educational Opportunities

This month, as you may have read in one of my ProGen Update posts, I am supposed to create a Genealogical Education Plan for myself. I began listing classes and conferences I am attending over the next year; journals I read; and started listing areas in which I need to read up or gain more education through a class. I Googled Free Genealogy Classes and came up with the BYU Independent Study Website.  Below is a list of their free genealogy classes. All you have to do is register (for free) and then access the class. I decided to try it out and see what they were like so I went through the Military Records class.

First, let me say this class was very basic. If you are a beginning genealogist or just need the basics of Military Research, absolutely check this out. If you know a lot about Military Research, skip it. This class was laid out in 28 pages divided by Section Objectives and at the end of each Section was a short quiz of roughly five questions. There are many links to other websites such as National Archives, Family History Library, etc., and the course explains how to go about the research, where to write for records, what forms to fill out, who can obtain certain records, and more.

Check it out when you have some time. Let me know what you think of the other classes.

Family History/Genealogy – Introductory

FHGEN 69 — Providing Temple Ordinances for Your Ancestors

FHGEN 70 — Introduction to Family History Research

FHGEN 75 — Writing Family History

FHGEN 80 — Helping Children Love Your Family History

Family History/Genealogy – Record Type

FHREC 71 — Family Records

FHREC 73 — Vital Records

FHREC 76 — Military Records

Family History/Genealogy – Regional and Ethnic

FHFRA 71 — French Research

FHGER 71 — German Research

FHHUG 71 — Huguenot Research

FHSCA 73 — Scandinavian Resarch

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