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Tuesday’s Tip – Book recommendation

As part of my November ProGen assignment, I had to catalog all the genealogical related books in my personal library and make a wish list of books. My wish list isn’t very long right now because I made it a point the last five months to order one book a month, but I did find a new one to add.

Numbering Your Genealogy by Curran, Crane, and Wray, available through the National Genealogical Society is new on my wish list. I knew a little about numbering as I started writing part of my genealogy for the BCG certification portfolio. Knew a little more because of how my genealogy program numbers things. But I learned a few new things I did not know by reading this book like how to deal with complex families with adopted children, multiple spouses, and international kin.

The book is only 36 pages long but absolutely worth adding to your personal library.

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