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Follow Friday – Chicago Related Posts

I found a couple of blog posts this week Chicago researchers should read. I hope you enjoy them!

Harold Henderson’s Midwestern Microhistory’s site: Good News For Chicago Genealogists

Cyndy Richardson’s ChicagoGenealogy: Research Insights from Study and Serendipity: What If You Could Read 50,000 Foreign Language Articles from Chicago Newspapers in English? You Can!


Enjoy! And, my new series Branching Out Kids’ Genealogy textbooks are on sale today!


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Wisdom Wednesday – Read Your Genealogical Journals

A few months ago I joined the Missouri State Genealogical Association because I started doing work there for some friends. Last week I received their Journal and browsed through it quickly and set it aside.

Today I decided to take a few hours and try to catch up on some of my reading. Good thing I did because in one of the articles were two names of individuals that are in the family tree of my latest client! This same client I am doing work for in Missouri next week on these families!

Don’t let your journals pile up. Start reading them. You never know what you will find, just when you need it.

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