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Stepping Back in Time

This week I am in SW Missouri visiting my parents who moved not far from where I spent the majority of my growing up years, in Marshfield. Chicago born, we moved down south when I was little and I finally left 11 years ago to move home to Chicago.

A friend from high school stopped to chat with my sister and I yesterday and told me how the little town of Marshfield has grown and changed in the last 15 years. I think it has been at least that since I took a drive through town. I pass it on the way to my parent’s house but by 7+ hours into the drive down, with three boys, I don’t stop because I just want to get here.

I think this week I should take my boys to Marshfield to look around. Show them where their mom, aunt, and uncle grew up. See how the town has changed. Look in the old library where my mom worked, which is now a museum. Show them the town square where our Jr. High and High School bands used to give concerts from time to time. Band was my entire life from 6th grade through graduation. I wonder what role music will play in my children’s lives. Maybe we will take a drive to where I used to live, four miles out of town, and see how that has changed. I wonder if seeing the town with adult eyes, seeing the changes, and seeing the old things that remain, will spark some memories and ideas on which to continue to build my family history and writings.

Have you gone back to the place you spent a large part of your life? What new memories did that evoke? What did you do with those memories when you got home? Start writing a new chapter in your history? Start looking at your overall history with new eyes? How did that visit change you?

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