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Follow Friday – Consider this and that

I read a very thought provoking post this week on Personal Past Meditations called Geneanthropology. The post discusses the need to be an anthropologist when doing genealogy and looking into the culture of the people at which we are looking. He describes a painting that contains ghost children. For that time period, it was common to paint deceased children into family portraits as a way to remember them.

If you examine some of our cultural beliefs today, do you see any comparisons? I can say from personal experience going through IVF and miscarrying twins and a singleton early on, therefore not having a body to bury, I needed a way to remember them. I have a Willow Tree Angel called the Angel of Remembrance. She holds three green thin fern-like branches in her hands. She sits in my living room as a reminder to me about the difficult time we endured, the babies we lost, and the goodness that came after that time.

What ways have you seen your cultural group handle death?

Next on my list, if you have not seen it is over at Geneabloggers. Posted yesterday for Open Thread Thursday is Tweeting and Blogging at Genealogy Conferences. Thomas MacEntee posts some great questions to consider. Have you given your two cents yet? Stop over there and speak up if you have time today. There are already lots of great responses to read and consider.

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To cite or not to cite

I read an interesting article by Thomas MacEntee on Geneabloggers today called “Open Thread Thursday: Genealogy Bloggers and Source Citations.” The article discusses whether or not genealogical bloggers should cite their sources in their blog posts or provide them to those who inquire about the research posted.

Check out the post and provide your comments.

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