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Follow Friday May 13, 2011

I read a great post by DearMYRTLE a couple weeks ago that I want to share.

BLM Website & NARA provide access to General Land Office paperwork

Related to this post is NARA’s link to land records.


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Wisdom Wednesday – Follow Geneabloggers Advent Calendar

Did you know Geneabloggers has a list of special December topics called Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories? Take a peek. I will be writing my Christmas memories over on my Chicago Family History Blog starting December 1. Stop by and share your memories.

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Tuesday’s Tip – Genealogical Problem Analysis Quicksheet

Recently, Thomas MacEntee of Geneabloggers, posted a review of the new Quicksheet by Elizabeth Shown Mills, Genealogical Problem Analysis. His review caught my eye and I ordered a Quicksheet for myself.

This Quicksheet is absolutely essential to any genealogist’s library. Mills outlines a ten step process to help find a solution to genealogical problems. She discusses elements to appraise when looking for proof and includes a Life Stages Worksheet on the flip side of the GPA sheet.

The main reason I see this as essential to all libraries is for each of the ten steps to a solution, Mills suggests you create a worksheet to record the information and sources you have discovered. These worksheets help you evaluate your information, show where your gaps are, and help you identify other sources to search.

Take a look at Thomas MacEntee’s in-depth review and then order a Quicksheet for yourself. You will be amazed at how helpful it will be in your research.

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Thursday Research Trip

Today I took the train into the city and headed to Daley Plaza to research Probate and Naturalization records in the Archives Room of the Cook County Clerk of the Circuit Court . I requested several Probate records and now have to wait (patiently) for them to be retrieved from the storage so I can view them. In a week or so I will trek back to the city to view those records. I also got copies of a few Naturalization records.

The one thing I learned about visiting the Archives Room 1113 in Daley Plaza is you must get there at 8:30 when they open. There were only two women working the front of the office and both also answered the phones in addition to helping walk-in customers. It did get busier while I was there and one of the women seemed to get a little testy because there were several of us to assist, but when others cleared out, it was fine. A smile and thank you, repeated several times during the record retrieval process, goes a long way.

After my records searched I hiked to Panera across from the Harold Washington Library to meet Thomas MacEntee of The Connected Genealogist and GeneaBloggers to name a few. We had a very nice chat over coffee and then went across the street to the library. I was even given one of his MEET*MEME Trading Cards! If you haven’t seen those on his blog, check them out. Very cool! I may have to get some for myself after seeing his! Thanks for the nice visit Thomas!!

On my way home, just as I was about to get off the train, I got a phone call from a local library about possibly teaching genealogy classes next year. Add that to my to-do list for a return phone call. It was a great day!