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Military Monday – The Flying Tigers

Are you looking for a great holiday gift this year? Check out my book, To Soar with the Tigers, about Flying Tiger Robert R. Brouk. The book contains family information, his complete war diary, the story of his life after discharge from the AVG and death. Robert mentions many of his 3rd Squadron comrades in the book as well.

How can you get a copy?

A limited number of signed hardcover copies are available for purchase through my website. Just order from the right column.

You can visit to get a copy for your Apple IPad or unsigned hardcover copy.

Have a NOOK or Kindle? You can get copies there also!

And CreateSpace has the book in paperback.

Happy Holidays!

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Exciting finds!

This morning I woke up to discover in my email a message passed from Thomas MacEntee who received a message from Julie Cahill Tarr, that FamilySearch has added a new database for Illinois!! No images yet but records are being added.  If you have not seen it, as I had not yet, it is the Illinois Probate Records, 1819-1970. I cannot wait to check into this!

Another exciting find happened last night. I was searching online for more photographs of my cousin Robert Brouk, a member of the Flying Tigers, for the book I am finishing. I was so excited to discover the San Diego Air & Space Museum is digitizing its photography collection!! They have a collection on Flickr called AVG/China Collection. In that I found two wonderful photos of Robert and the photo of his squadron I have been looking for. Now all I need to do is fill out the paperwork to request photographs to use in my book. If you are interested in the American Volunteer Group, Flying Tigers, definitely check out this photo collection.

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