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Engage Kids in Family History this Summer

Summer is upon us so what will you do in your free time to learn more about your family history?

Here are 5 Tips for Summer Family History Fun
·    Create a list of family members to search for in a cemetery. Make a scavenger hunt sheet or BINGO card for all of the family members. Have your kids help you locate the graves to complete the sheets.
·    Dig out your old recipes and prepare a baked good or meal that one of your ancestors used to make.
·    Gather together with grandparents and aunts and uncle to go through old photographs. How many people can you identify? Write the names on the backs of the photos.
·    Visit a place your family used to live or a place you grew up. Show your kids your old haunts and tell them the stories that go with those places.
·    Encourage your child to keep a journal or create a scrapbook over the summer about their daily events, what they ate, where they went, memorable moments, etc. It is important not only to research and remember the past but also preserve the present.

Are you interested in starting your family history but are not sure where to start? Visit the Generations Store and look for the Family Tree Projects for $3.99 PDF. While you are there, you can purchase the genealogy textbooks for students and adults at 20% off through June 30, 2012. The books eligible for this discount are Branching Out: Genealogy for 1st-3rd Grade Students, Lessons 1-30; Branching Out: Genealogy for 4th-8th Grade Students, Lessons 1-30; Branching Out: Genealogy for High School Students, Lessons 1-30; and Branching Out: Genealogy Adults. Just use the code IDG20JUNE at the Generations Store.

You can also find more information on The In-Depth Genealogist.

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Generations Publishes Kids’ Genealogy Textbooks

Generations publishes six new genealogy textbooks for kids. Parents, teachers, and genealogical societies looking for a how-to genealogy textbook for elementary through high school-aged students need to look no further. In Branching Out, a new series available from Generations, author and professional genealogist Jennifer Holik provides parents and educators with the tools they need to teach genealogical research skills to children and teens.

Through thirty fun and educational lessons, students will learn the foundations of genealogy and how to begin research on a level that they can understand and enjoy. Each lesson contains a clearly defined goal, all necessary vocabulary, additional reading assignments, and lesson and homework assignments to extend understanding of the concept.

The Branching Out series of books begins with six paperback textbooks which are also available as a PDF or PowerPoint download. The PowerPoint files, which were created with the visual and hands-on learner in mind, contain the same information as the textbooks with a few fun and interactive extras.

The Branching Out: Genealogy Lessons for Adults will be released in April with additional books for families, genealogical societies, and educators to be published later in 2012.

The books are available on CreateSpace in paperback form at the links provided. The PDF and PowerPoint files are available at the Generations Store at:

Branching Out: Genealogy for 1st – 3rd Grade Students Lessons 1-15

Book $24.95

PDF $17.95

PowerPoint $17.95

Branching Out: Genealogy for 1st – 3rd Grade Students Lessons 16-30

Book $29.95

PDF $20.95

PowerPoint $20.95

Branching Out: Genealogy for 4th – 8th Grade Students Lessons 1-15

Book $26.95

PDF $18.95

PowerPoint $18.95

Branching Out: Genealogy for 4th – 8th Grade Students Lessons 16-30

Book $32.95

PDF $23.95

PowerPoint $23.95

Branching Out: Genealogy for High School Students Lessons 1-15

Book $29.95

PDF $20.95

PowerPoint $20.95

Branching Out: Genealogy for High School Students Lessons 16-30

Book $34.95

PDF $24.95

PowerPoint $24.95

If you live in the Chicagoland area, you can meet Jennifer and purchase books at the Fountaindale Public Library’s Author Fair on Saturday, April 14, 2012.

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Follow Friday -How Does She And He Do It?

Are you following the How She Does it – Secretes of a Geneamommyblogger and Geneadaddyblogger series at Scrappy Gen’s site? If not, here are all the people Jennifer has featured in the last week.

How do they do it? How do YOU do it? Balance parenting, your job, your friends and social commitments, volunteer work, your genealogy, your blog and Twitter and other social media? Please post your comments below or visit each post above and comment there. I bet you will find something about everyone that is very similar to the way you handle or feel about things.

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Surname Saturday – Novak

I just wrote a post about a book I finished called Journey A Novel of America by James M. Vesely on my Chicago Family History blog. Please stop by and read it.

If you know of other books about the Czechs immigrating to the U.S. and specifically their experiences in Chicago, please post titles and authors in the comments. Vesely’s book is historical fiction but the experiences of the Novak family were similar to those I have read in non-fiction books. Most of us will never know exactly what our immigrants experienced but great books like this shed a little light on the topic.

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