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Talented Tuesday – Presentation Time

Well in just over a week I will be giving my first genealogy presentation in years and years. This is also the first one since I started my Generations business last summer. Let’s be honest, I love to research, read and write. Plus I’m really good at that. Public speaking has not been a favorite pastime for me ever. I’m sure once I make it through this first presentation I will probably think about creating another one. At least that’s what Thomas MacEntee told me when I told him I was doing this months ago and was nervous about it. He said I may really enjoy presenting. We’ll see. I trust Thomas and know he would not steer me in the wrong direction.

I will be presenting April 9th at the Fountaindale Public Library’s Genealogy Day. I’m the first presenter. My presentation is “Visualizing Your Genealogical Data” and showing people how to use Excel, OneNote, Maps, and Blogging to view your data differently to break down brick walls and further research.

Here’s hoping it all goes smoothly!

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Blog recommendation

I just came across a blog, Amanda’s Athenæum, with lots of useful information. I was particularly interested in the blogger’s post about OneNote, a Microsoft Office product. I just got a new laptop and this program was part of the MS Office I purchased. Never having heard of it, I tried it out. It is amazing. Read Amanda’s blog post for more information on it. Give it a try and I think you will love it as a research tracking tool.

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