Family History Research

FaceBook and Genealogy

FaceBook, one of the greatest social networking tools available, in my opinion, has opened new doors for my research. Not just with my family research but connecting with others who share this passion.

I have been FaceBook friends with a guy I graduated high school with for many months. We sporadically messaged here and there about genealogy when one of us posts something. Recently we have begun sharing more and really helping each other with research. He has access to repositories I cannot get to until May when I visit SW Missouri. I have access to repositories he cannot access unless he travels up this way.

This trading of information and of research time is benefiting us both I believe. We are both making some new contacts in the field, both discovering new resources both online and archive-based, and at least for me, learning new things. Branching out of my comfortable genealogy zone into some barely worked-with areas.

Next time you are on FaceBook chatting it up with your friends, take note of their interests. While genealogy can be a solo, lonely hobby, it doesn’t have to be. You may find an old friend can open your genealogy world to a whole new level of possibilities.