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Follow Friday – A Cemetery Wedding

I read A Grave Interest’s post Going to the Chapel….Cemetery Weddings recently. What an interesting concept!

I have a few pictures of graves from Bohemian National Cemetery in Chicago where you can see people sitting around on the grass. I have heard of my families picnicing around family graves prior to the 1950s. This was not a tradition passed down that we still do today.

I think a cemetery is a great place for a wedding. So many cemeteries are garden-like or have beautiful chapels on site. There are also many military statues and memorials which would make a nice backdrop for a military wedding.

What do you think? Would you get married in a cemetery? I would consider it!

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Tombstone Tuesday – Elizabeth Galbraith Shannon

This is the grave of Elizabeth Galbraith Shannon. She is the wife of James E. Shannon. Her grave is the same stone as James’s. Her information is on the opposite side of his. James and Elizabeth are buried in High Prairie Cemetery, Marshfield, Webster, Missouri. Thanks to my friend Chris Young for snapping the picture for me.

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Losing a Son – day 2

This is the text from the telegram received by Michael’s parents telling of his death. Until I received the Burial File we had no idea how he actually died.

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