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Book Recommendation – Courthouse Records

Last week I hit my local library to check out what genealogy books they had because there was one I needed to check out. I found one called Courthouse Records for Family Historians Your Guide to Genealogical Treasures by Christine Rose.

I have been doing a lot of Probate research the last few weeks and wanted to see what this book had to say on that topic. Maybe it would have a few sentences or pages of something that would click and send me down a new path. The book is fantastic whether you are a beginning genealogist or more advanced. I think it is a must have book for your personal library if only because Christine gives you so many definitions and examples of different types of records!

The book is broken out into twelves chapters: Preparation is the Key; You’re There – Now What?; Property Matters; Searching for Property Records; Estates Galore; Estate Documents; Milking Every Clue from Estates; Understanding the Court System; Civil and Criminal Court; Birth, Marriage and Death; The Internet, Microfilm, and Libraries; and Strategies that work. There is so much information packed into each chapter you will learn so much.

I can tell you Barnes and Noble and Amazon have this in stock for just under $19 and I plan to order a copy soon. What a wonderful resource. This is one of those books that you will refer to over and over as your research progresses because you will read something  “new” in it each time you open it.

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