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ProGen Update – Research Plans

The end of January has arrived and our ProGen assignments are due! I submitted mine a week ago. This month’s less was on Research Plans. I wrote mine about a gentleman who lived in southwest Missouri and joined the Arkansas Volunteer Union Army. I listed the information I knew about him followed by the records I wanted to locate and where they are held.

A couple of people have commented on my plan and provided great suggestions for other records and places to search. I can’t wait to see what the other plans look like. Everyone’s style is different.

Stay tuned, February’s topic is research procedures!

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ProGen Update

Time flies when you are having fun and are very busy! The month is half over and I have yet to finish my ProGen assignment. This month we are reading about Research Plans. Our assignment is to choose a research problem we have and write a plan for it. I chose a friend’s ancestor to work on and am half finished with my plan. My goal is to finish it today and post it for review.

Next month we discuss research procedures. I’m sure that will be a very interesting discussion. Stay tuned!

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ProGen Update

I cannot believe 4 out of 18 months are gone for ProGen! It has been a great learning experience so far. Our December assignment was to read chapters on Columns and Reviews. We will have our online chat later this week to discuss the reading and blogs as new ways to write about genealogy.

Our January assignment is all about research plans. After reading the chapter we must create a research plan to post for our group members to review. I anticipate this assignment will take me a little longer than the others so I better get started!


National Genealogical Society Home Study Course

I have read so much about the NGS Home Study Course and Nikki at Blog of a Genealogist in Training is working through it and recommended it, that I signed up. I am taking the graded option starting with CD 1 which I hope arrives early January so I can begin. I’ll post updates here on how its going along with my monthly ProGen updates.

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