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Tracing Your Civil War Ancestors book

I was in my local library last week looking for a book called House Histories A Guide to Tracing the Genealogy of Your Home, recommended to me by Marian Pierre-Louis of Fieldstone Historic Research. Marian researches house histories as part of her business so we chatted about that for a bit.

At the library after finding this book I ran past the genealogy section which is sadly, very small. I did find a book I had not seen before, or just didn’t “need” before called Tracing Your Civil War Ancestors by Bertram Hawthorne Groene. It is a thin book with small print and I read almost half of it last night. What a fantastic book for anyone researching their Civil War ancestors!

As I read I should have been taking notes but decided after I read through it once, I’ll go through it again and take notes and see what I missed. There is so much great information!

Bertram outlines where the records are, what they contain, how to get them and a few tips about requesting them. He also talks about artifacts he has located and how he researched the people behind them if a name was engraved on the artifact. Very interesting.

Take a look at this book if you are researching your Civil War ancestor. You will not be disappointed!


Benefits of CaseFile Clues

I wrote a post a few weeks ago about CaseFile Clues and my thoughts on it.  I also subscribed to the series. This weekend Michael John Neill extended his offer for Brick Walls A-Z so I took advantage and emailed asking for a copy.

This issue of CaseFile Clues is fantastic for researchers of all levels. This issue briefly describes many approaches researchers use to break down brick walls.

Want to move your research forward? Then look at “B” for Biography. Michael discusses how writing an ancestor’s biography will help you find gaps in your research. Do you know your history? Look at “H” for History where the reason for knowing the region’s history where your ancestor lived can help you locate more information. Can’t find what you want? Maybe because you are dealing with “O” for Out-of-Date. Look at the finding aids you are using to evaluate how recently they were updated. Is the information on the finding aid still valid?

Michael provides many more ways to break down your brick walls in this issue. He also uses many of these ideas in his CaseFile Clues series. Michael will show you exactly what he means by “A” is for Assumptions and how they can benefit a research and take away from locating information.

Subscribe to the series for a year. You will really enjoy the honest records based approach to working out a research problem.  After you subscribe to CaseFile Clues, the typically 7-9 pages PDF files, come straight to your E-mail inbox as they are released. Just download and read.

Now, this is one thing I really love about CaseFile Clues!! Because they are PDF files I am able to put a copy on my Barnes and Noble NOOK so I can take them anywhere! For example, I love being able to take my grade-school aged children to the library and while they roam around doing puzzles, looking for books and talking to the other kids, I can sit and read CaseFile Clues on my NOOK! This also comes in handy if I can really relate to a specific research problem Michael outlines because I don’t have to print that issue to take on a research trip with me. I just take along my NOOK and can refer back to that issue to see how Michael worked through a problem to help me move forward on mine.

Subscribe to CaseFile Clues through Michael’s website for $17 a year. Not sure if you want to subscribe? Michael will email you a free issue to review before you make a decision! Check it out!  You can also follow Michael on Twitter @mjnrootdig where he posts subscription specials and tips.

Do you subscribe to CaseFile Clues? Has something Michael wrote helped you in your research?  Post your comments below.

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Follow Friday – Cemetery Blogs

There is a new blog called A Grave Interest. The blogger tells her stories and talks about cemetery symbolism. It is a very interesting blog.

If you enjoy that, look up Stories in Stone A field guide to cemetery symbolism and iconography by Douglas Keister. I just got it last week and while I have not really read through it, I know as I do work through the book I am going to learn a lot. The book is slender and easy to transport as you cemetery hop.

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Signed copies of To Soar with the Tigers

I will be selling signed copies of my new book To Soar with the Tigers off my Generations business site in just over a week. Details to be released soon.

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