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NGS HSC Lesson 11

on August 24, 2011

Did you hear me cheering in Chicago this morning? I finished Lesson 11 on migration and census analysis! Whew! That lesson took many hours to complete because I had to do a transcription of roughly 100 people on two censuses that included my ancestor. After I sent the boys off to school today (another cheer moment) I finished the migration portion of the lesson and dropped the entire thing off at the post office.

Four lessons to go and I think my new deadline to complete them will be December 31 rather than April 1 when ProGen ends.

Now, using the census analysis I did for my great-great grandfather Joseph Kokoska, I am going to write an article for the Czech and Slovak American Genealogical Society of Illinois’s Koreny journal. I started writing articles for them at the end of 2010 and three were printed. Their journal comes out four times a year. I suppose my unofficial goal is to appear in at least two of their journals a year. One of the members told me my last article on Robert Brouk was very interesting and one of his neighbors actually dated Robert way back in the day. How cool! Nice to know someone is reading my stuff too.

Stay tuned as I continue down the NGS HSC path. The end is in sight!

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2 responses to “NGS HSC Lesson 11

  1. Wonderful news! Congratulations. I like the new deadline… much better. Keep at it, get it done.
    Writing regularly for a special journal is a neat accomplishment. It is really special when you can use the research you are already doing – efficient! Thanks again, for the update report! P.S. The boys are growing up fast, aren’t they! ;-)

  2. Thanks for the continued support Dr. Bill! I agree, the new deadline is better and will allow me to focus a little sooner on certification. And yes, the boys are growing up fast, but I can honestly say I am quite enjoying my first day of them all being in school all day long. :) I can only imagine all that I will accomplish this fall with all this extra, uninterrupted time.

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