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Surname Saturday – Novak

on August 20, 2011

I just wrote a post about a book I finished called Journey A Novel of America by James M. Vesely on my Chicago Family History blog. Please stop by and read it.

If you know of other books about the Czechs immigrating to the U.S. and specifically their experiences in Chicago, please post titles and authors in the comments. Vesely’s book is historical fiction but the experiences of the Novak family were similar to those I have read in non-fiction books. Most of us will never know exactly what our immigrants experienced but great books like this shed a little light on the topic.

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One response to “Surname Saturday – Novak

  1. Dear Ms. Holik-Urban:
    I commented on your book review, mistakingly thinking your surname was Novak. I’m sorry for the mistake, but my thanks and offer remain the same. If you’d like the book signed, just contact me at

    Very truly yours,
    Jim Vesely – Author of “Journey: A story of America”

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