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Motivation Monday – Going for Certification

on July 18, 2011

Michael Hait wrote some very interesting posts recently called, How Not to Become Certified, part one and part two. Today’s post, So, Are You Ready for Certification? was an interesting read also.

Last summer when I started my genealogy business, Generations, I thought I was ready for certification. I got the application guide and started working through some of the pieces. I quickly realized I needed more client work and education behind me or I would fail miserably.

Here I am one year later with almost two of the NGS Home Study Course CDs finished and the third on its way, I’m over half finished with the ProGen Study Group, and increased my conference and meeting attendance over the last year. I even published a book and have had several articles published in a couple of journals and magazines.

Am I ready for certification today? No but I’m closer than last year. I downloaded the updated BCG guide to review over the coming weeks. I plan to seriously look at the process, what is required and make a plan to start the work. ProGen ends in April and I plan to complete the NGS HSC by then as well. Both plus all my client work will put me in a much stronger position to work on the portfolio starting next summer.

I plan to be one of those names you see on the certification list for Illinois. Right now there are eight listed. Will I succeed the first try? I hope so, but if not, Michael Hait has given me a lot to think about if I am rejected. It isn’t failing, but a major learning experience that will only help me grow as a researcher. I am a lot less afraid to give this a try in the spring than I was. Thanks Michael for being so honest about what you went through to achieve certification!

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7 responses to “Motivation Monday – Going for Certification

  1. Jenn, thank you so much for bringing Michael’s excellent posts to my attention. He is a great writer, and I was amazed to see he submitted an unsuccessful portfolio in the same time period as I did mine – with the identical results, at the time. His entire story is ‘right on target.’
    You have sooooo… many more tools available now, than we had then. They led to his success… they will lead to yours, as well. Keep up the good work! I see the current Judging Rubrics as particularly valuable, that were not available 5 years ago. ;-)

  2. I got a lot out of Michael’s posts as well. Please keep us posted on your journey to certification. I’m behind you and looking forward to learning as much as possible from your experiences.

  3. Jennifer says:

    Hi Dr. Bill! Thanks for the encouragement. I have to print all the certification stuff and start reading through it all. Will especially look at the rubrics.
    Michelle, thanks for the support! I’m actually a little excited about the idea of starting. :D

  4. Praying for your success! Seeing that this is not an easy process, and hoping that I will one day do what you are doing.

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