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Follow Friday July 8, 2011 FHR

on July 8, 2011

In the last several months I have expanded my Generations business research into Missouri. I posted several times about the Shannon and Galbraith families and the research I was working on.

I have also tried to post several articles by Dr. Bill, a fellow genealogy blogger and writer. This is another great post by him for called Chronologies of our ancestors can inspire Springfield family history researchers.

If you do not follow Dr. Bill you should!

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2 responses to “Follow Friday July 8, 2011 FHR

  1. Thank you, again, Jennifer, for mentioning my writing. We all appreciate the good work you do for our area and industry. ;-)

  2. Jen says:

    Thanks Dr. Bill! I learn a lot from reading your articles. I’m hoping to do a little more research in SW Missouri since I have family down there. I can bring the kids along to visit with grandma and grandpa while I work. Actually I’ll be in Jefferson City the 24th for a client. Have to research at the library, State Archives and hit Callaway County next door. It will be fun!

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