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James E. Shannon TN, AR, MO

on April 11, 2011

What started out as a little research to help a friend of a friend learn about his family has turned into much more. There is so much interesting information that I just can’t stop. This family is completely different from mine in that they lived in the U.S. far longer than mine, have a Civil War veteran, were farmers, and migrated hundreds of miles.  My family immigrated to the U.S. beginning in 1865 with the Zajicek family and the other lines followed mostly around 1900. The same can be said for my  husband’s family. In addition, both sides settled in Chicago. End of story.

I am working the the family of James E. Shannon, both ancestors and descendants, and will be blogging about them a lot. The Shannon family, from what I have traced so far to 1830, came from Anderson Co., TN. By 1850 they had migrated west to Lawrence Co., AR. By 1870, James and his family moved into Missouri – first Texas Co., and then finally in Webster Co.

James E. Shannon was born to parents Henry Shannon and Sarah (nee Smith) Shannon. Henry and Sarah had the following children (of which I am aware):

  1. Susanah Shannon b. 1825 in TN
  2. Mary Shannon b. 1827 in TN
  3. Malinda Shannon b. 1830 in TN
  4. John Shannon b. 1833 in TN
  5. James E. Shannon b. 15 July 1835 in Anderson Co., TN
  6. Sarah Shannon b. 1838 in TN
  7. Henry Shannon b. 1841 in TN
  8. George Shannon b. 1843 in TN
  9. Robert Shannon b. 1846 in TN
  10. Lucinda Shannon b. 1850 in AR

James E. Shannon served in the Civil War for the Union. I recently received his pension file and will be talking about that on upcoming posts.

If you are related to the Shannon family I would love to hear from  you and share information.

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  1. Neat! Looking forward to subsequent posts! ;-)

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