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Mappy Monday – NGS HSC Land Assignments

on April 4, 2011

Well with two assignments left on the NGS HSC CD1, I ordered CD2. There are two assignments on land records I will need to complete. I was planning on heading to Springfield, IL, to research at the State Archives. I want some death certificates. Thought this would be a good time to also research and do these two land assignments.

One is on State and Federal Lands. I have to do a plat drawing based on a metes and bounds description provided. Then I have my choice of another assignment. Choice is probably not the best word because the assignment is based on whether or not I live in a federal-land state or state-land state. Illinois is a federal-land state so I’ll do that one. I have to survey land records at a repository – Illinois State Archives in this case, then write a report about it. I also have to provide copies of some of the records I find.

The other assignment is half done and I haven’t done anything. It is on land records and deeds. I have to visit a land office, in my case go back to the Chicago Recorder of Deed’s Office and ask them a few questions like what is the earliest record you have and what is it? A warranty deed, deed of trust, etc. Most of the other things I have to write about I already know because I have done research there.

The second part of this assignment is probably going to require me to get clarification, if NGS will provide any, on the assignment. They want you to visit a repository where there are deed indexes. The information states most indexes are by grantor and grantee so pick a surname and search that surname for a period of 10-15 years. Copy down all the entries for that surname from both grantor and grantee indexes. Well in Cook County, IL, the books are arranged by PIN/Legal Description as just the first step in a long process to locate and actually view the deed. Once you get to the book that shows the information for a piece of property it lists the grantor/grantee and all the other info they want. I will have to ask if it is ok to just use a piece of property to do this assignment since that’s how it is laid out in Cook County. The rest is easy – create a spreadsheet of the findings. Well I have already done that on a few pieces of property.

If NGS says I have to find a repository that has grantor and grantee index books then this will take a lot longer to complete.

I’ll keep you posted on how these assignments go. Should be interesting!

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6 responses to “Mappy Monday – NGS HSC Land Assignments

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  3. I enjoy your updates on the NGS course. I am planning on starting it later this year so the info you have been providing will allow me to go into the course with my eyes wide open. It sounds really challenging and interesting.

    • Jen says:

      I’m glad the posts are helpful! Sent in my federal land record assignment April 13 or 14th. Still waiting to hear how that went. I hope it is all good, otherwise I’ll go back to Springfield, IL, to the state archives to do more work.

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