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ProGen Study Group Update

on March 28, 2011

Another month down, how many to go? I think 12. This month we worked on Time Management. We were supposed to track how we spent our time for a week. Identify our “clients” and obligations. Identify our time thieves. We concluded with how we would better manage our time.

My submission identified my time thieves as my kids as number one, Twitter, FaceBook and Email, and housework (LOL!) as the major things. My clients are my freelance writing, genealogy business clients, my blogs, research, volunteer genealogy society projects, me myself and I, and my family.

Basically I know when I am the most productive – early morning and when the boys are in school and the house is quiet. After they come home from school I’m lucky to get much done. Most of the time I can accept this, other days it feels like I’ll go crazy because I can’t even complete a thought. I also know that once the boys are in first grade in the fall, my days will be more my own and I can expand my list of clients and goals.

It was a good assignment and made me sit back and remember again that it is ok not to get everything on my to-do list done. That I have many other responsibilities besides work and there are times when I need to shut out the world and focus.

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