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ProGen Update March 2011

on March 9, 2011

Another month has passed and our ProGen group is moving on to Time Management. We are supposed to track our time for a week and evaluate where our “time thieves” are, then create a plan to better manage our time.

With kids in school, my week days are pretty much the same week to week unless I go somewhere to research or work on my local genealogical society volunteer project. I do however know what some of my “time thieves” are and have been making a more conscious effort to focus on what needs to be done. It is all about balance isn’t it?

Last month we discussed research procedures and had to create locality research guides. Listings of repositories, their collections, hours, etc. It was an interesting discussion and look at the guides. Some of my group members created Wikis on FamilySearch for their locales.

Time to get to this month’s reading assignment!

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