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Follow Friday – Sheri Fenley

on January 21, 2011

Sheri Fenley of The Educated Genealogist is one of my favorite bloggers. Her posts are honest. Sometimes they are absolutely hilarious because she writes about her life and wishes and things that most of us probably do or feel but don’t express. The first post reflects the do not express part. I did laugh when I read it because I too talk to my ancestors when I cannot find the answer.

When Will It Happen To Me is a post about wishing for an “a-ha” moment that reveals some great ancestral mystery answer. Or an ancestor nudging her in the direction of finding the records or answers to her questions.

Her post, BBQ, Bonding and Cracking the Whip where she discusses her goals for this year using the buddy system Amy Coffin and Denise Levenick established recently. There are some laugh out loud moments in this post too and a deadline looming for Sheri. I know she will meet it and I look forward to her post about it.

If you don’t follow Sheri, you should!

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One response to “Follow Friday – Sheri Fenley

  1. Amy Coffin says:

    I have to agree. She’s one of my faves. Equally as awesome in person.

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