Family History Research

NGS HSC Lesson 5

on January 19, 2011

I received my first lesson from NGS last week. It was graded as complete. Now I am working on completing Lesson 5 which is on Census Research. This lesson requires me to create a list of everyone on my pedigree chart that I submitted in Lesson 1 and note all the Censuses in which those ancestors would likely be found. That part of the assignment is complete. The second part was to research Census records for one ancestor on the pedigree chart and write a report. I went to the Newberry Library to look at microfilm. It has been a while since I looked at Census microfilm that I wanted a refresher. I am too accustomed to using for this research.

That part is of the census research is half finished. I plan to complete this part before the week ends and submit it. That leave four lessons to go. My goal is to complete CD 1 by the end of May.

I am learning a few new things and relearning things I had “forgotten” since reading them as a beginner years ago. This course is useful for advanced researchers as well as beginners.

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