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Follow Friday – December 3, 2010

on December 3, 2010

I came across a new blog (for me anyway) called The Chart Chick. She has a series of blog posts called Safety Rule #(insert) for the Genealogy internet playground. Take a peek. You might read something you knew but had forgotten, or learn a new tip.

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One response to “Follow Friday – December 3, 2010

  1. Linda Gartz says:

    Thanks for the recommendation to The Chart Chick. I found her connections of genealogy to spirituality — and serendipity rang so true. I have been able to finally read 100 year old letters written in an indecipherable German script — because of the serendipity of meeting a professor of Saxon German history while researching my own family. I’m now sharing these 100-year old missives, that speak to all of us, on my new blog, Family Archaeologist.
    Family Archaeologist explores a century of family letters, diaries, and artifacts, and how they illuminate history and the humanity we all share. I hope you check it out. In the last month, I’ve posted, on their 100th anniversary, photos, diaries, and love letters — and next week the biggie — my grandfather’s diary of his trip to America — started on Christmas eve a century ago.

    BTW Congrats on your nomination for Top 40 Blogs!

    Linda Gartz

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