Family History Research

Always plan for the unexpected

on November 4, 2010

This morning I took the train into the city to look at a Probate file I requested for a Frank Brouk. Sadly, when I opened the file, it was not for my Frank Brouk, but a different family. I sat and took notes from the file because I am tracing the Brouk families in Chicago in the early 1900′s to see if there are any connections I am unaware of at this point. What is interesting to note is his daughter, Josephine, was named Executrix but the month after Frank died in 1946, another daughter, Anna, filed to be made Executrix, as Josephine had disappeared approximately five years earlier. In July of 1946, Josephine had apparently been located, now married, because she appears as a witness in testimony. I kind of wish this had been part of my family somewhere, trying to figure out where Josephine disappeared and why would be fun!

After viewing my probate file I was supposed to meet a friend for coffee, but he is under the weather today so I will have to catch him next time I am in the city. I did pack a printed draft of my book about Robert Brouk, and a genealogy class for which I am finishing up the speaking notes, so I have plenty to keep me busy as I sip my coffee until it is time to head back to the train. When I get home I have to review my ProGen assignment from October for our chat this evening and finish those speaking notes, among other things on my long to-do list. So I will stay busy and check things off my list so next weekend I can skip town and go visit my best friend who lives in Missouri. That will be great fun!

So always plan for the unexpected when you go on a research trip, whether it be to bring along extra work to do in case your planned research time ends early or other tasks to complete while you wait for this or that.

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