Family History Research

Czech and Slovak American Genealogical Society Meeting

on October 17, 2010

Yesterday I attended the Czech and Slovak American Genealogical Society meeting in La Grange. Mike Karsen was the speaker and he was fantastic! I learned several ways to produce family history books that can be as simple or complex as I wish them to be. He stressed the point of beginning to write NOW many times. It is so important to stop making excuses and just start writing. At the end of his presentation he gave us Family History Pledge cards to fill out. If we did, and pledged to begin writing, he gave us (free) a CD with all his writing lectures and examples of all his personal family history books. What a great resource to help get the writing process started! If you get an opportunity to hear Mike, be sure to do so! You can also visit him online at

After the presentation I did speak with a man named Bob who told us about his trip to the Czech lands and how he discovered more about his family. I thought he said one of his family names was Chrastka, but when we spoke, it was Krafka. His wife and I spoke a while about my Robert Brouk book and Virginia, who joined the WAAC. She had an aunt in the WAAC and told me several great stories. I encouraged her to start blogging those stories when she said she needs to start writing them down and to contact me if she wants help getting started. Blogging is a great way to start and her stories will reach so many people. You can bet if she starts I will be one of her followers and you’ll see her link on my pages.

The next CSAGSI meeting is January 22, 2011 and the speaker will talk about Czech glass. Attendees are encouraged to bring pieces of their own to share.

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