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Tech Tuesday – Memory Manager Software

on September 21, 2010

From 2001 until 2008 I was a scrapbook consultant with Creative Memories.  CM created a software program during that time called Memory Manager. I absolutely love this software program. I bought the original program and just bought the most current version to upload on my newest computer. I personally feel this program is much better than Picasa, which you can download for free online.  You can read about the features at the link above but here is a short list:

  • MM allows you to create vaults to hold your photos. I currently have two on my computer – Genealogy and 2010-2011 Photos. I am able to sort photos into certain vaults so I don’t mix them up.
  • Within a vault you can use the Sort Boxes and Folders set up or create your own. In my Genealogy vault, I have Sort Boxes (like a filing cabinet) set up for Holik Photos, Urban Photos (both sides of the family), Holik Docs, Urban Docs, Graves. Within each of those boxes I set up a file folder for each family. This allows me to easily locate any document, grave photo or family photo I need.
  • The photo editing options are endless, cropping, rotating, color, etc.
  • You can view photos via folders or use a timeline to show only the photos brought into MM in a certain time period. You can also sort by photos printed, those not in folders or imported.
  • To share photos you can export them to file or automatically to email. You can use Creative Memories Storybook Creator to make digital albums which are then printed by their photo service.
  • There are various backup and health check features for the vaults.
  • For each photo you can add a name, date taken or date of the photo, a short story about the photo, see which folder(s) it is in and give it a rating.
  • Files can be imported via scanner, files, phone and camera.

Those are only some of the features of Memory Manager. I do not use the program to make digital albums because I feel Creative Memories charges too much for an album. They are great quality but for me, that still doesn’t justify the high price. I export my photos to Winkflash and create digital albums there, or print my photos from Winkflash to create traditional hands-on scrapbooks.

Creative Memories sells through independent consultants or via their website. Check them out if you are interested.

(I was not paid to write this review. I purchased and used this product since it was released several years ago and absolutely cannot live without it.)

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One response to “Tech Tuesday – Memory Manager Software

  1. Jackie Baker says:

    I too use Memory Manager, both for my genealogy photos as well as personal ones. I love it. It is much easier to use than many of the competitors. I have no affiliation with Creative Memories either.

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