Family History Research

Thursday Research Trip

on September 16, 2010

Today I took the train into the city and headed to Daley Plaza to research Probate and Naturalization records in the Archives Room of the Cook County Clerk of the Circuit Court . I requested several Probate records and now have to wait (patiently) for them to be retrieved from the storage so I can view them. In a week or so I will trek back to the city to view those records. I also got copies of a few Naturalization records.

The one thing I learned about visiting the Archives Room 1113 in Daley Plaza is you must get there at 8:30 when they open. There were only two women working the front of the office and both also answered the phones in addition to helping walk-in customers. It did get busier while I was there and one of the women seemed to get a little testy because there were several of us to assist, but when others cleared out, it was fine. A smile and thank you, repeated several times during the record retrieval process, goes a long way.

After my records searched I hiked to Panera across from the Harold Washington Library to meet Thomas MacEntee of The Connected Genealogist and GeneaBloggers to name a few. We had a very nice chat over coffee and then went across the street to the library. I was even given one of his MEET*MEME Trading Cards! If you haven’t seen those on his blog, check them out. Very cool! I may have to get some for myself after seeing his! Thanks for the nice visit Thomas!!

On my way home, just as I was about to get off the train, I got a phone call from a local library about possibly teaching genealogy classes next year. Add that to my to-do list for a return phone call. It was a great day!

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5 responses to “Thursday Research Trip

  1. It was so neat to finally meet you! I had fun and there was lots to chat about. And congrats on the genealogy class – that is on my wish list of opportunities for me this next year!

  2. Hi Jennifer! Silly question:did the library contact you out of the blue, or did you make the first contact? I don’t think my local library has genealy classes and trying to decide if I should… eek… see if it’s something they’d be interested in. Thank you!

  3. Nikki LaRue says:

    Sounds like fun! I haven’t been able to get back down to the Daley Center Archives room since June and I’ve still got several naturalizations to look for. I haven’t ventured into the probate realm there yet. I’d be curious to hear about what you find in them since there are quite a few I could order for myself :) Be sure to let us know when you get them!

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