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Madness Monday – A Giant To-Do List!

on August 30, 2010

This morning I am working on the update to my client’s Research Report to ensure I have included everything discovered to this point so I can print notes to take on my research trip tomorrow.  I also want to ensure every piece of evidence I have collected is documented in the report. This process seems to have taken me forever but the more reports I write, the easier this will become.

I made a call to IRAD at ISU (Illinois Regional Archives Depository) to request the remaining records for two Probate files I requested a few weeks ago. They sent me a few pages but not the entire file for either person. I now have to wait a couple of more weeks to get those copies and evaluate the evidence.

I am working on another tip sheet for my business which I plan to finish, publish and post later this week.

And finally, I need to call National Archives in Chicago to make a reservation to meet with an Archivist later this week to discuss World War I Textual Reference Papers. I hope they are able to help me because a fellow ProGenner is in Chicago this week to research at NARA and we are hoping to meet for lunch.  ProGen begins Wednesday and with our get to know you discussion Thursday evening. I can’t wait!

To everyone working on their To-Do list, I wish you well. Have a wonderful day!

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