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Surname Saturday – Iozzo – Scoleri

on August 21, 2010

I was recently contacted by someone researching the Iozzo line who lives very close to me in the Chicago burbs. We are trying to coordinate a meeting to go over all our notes and stop at the cemetery. We have a connection but trying to prove who the parents are and where they actually lived is another story. This is what I know from my research and what was told to me this week. If you have Iozzo family, please comment on what you know.

There are four Iozzo brothers that I am aware of:

Michael (my line) b. 1899, d. 1972; Vito Anthony b. 1895, d. 1943; Frank; and Nicholas. All were born in Santa Nicola, Di Crissa, Italy. Michael and Vito married Fratto cousins from my tree. You might need a giant piece of paper to map this all out. The relationships get messy. Are you ready?

Michael married Rose Fratto, daughter of Tomaso Fratto (my husband’s main line). Tomaso’s brother Fortunato had a daughter Jennie who married Michael’s brother Vito Anthony.  Now, Jennie had a niece, Josephine Tellerino, who was the daughter of her sister Rose Fratto Tellerino. Josephine married Nicholas (we believe). Frank, well he is a mystery right now.

We believe the parents of these men are Michael Iozzo and Theresa Scoleri.

If you are connected to these lines, please let me know. I would love to get you in on this meeting or email sharing of notes.

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2 responses to “Surname Saturday – Iozzo – Scoleri

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  2. NINO says:

    WE MAY HAVE A name is nino from mother is a iozzo from san nicola da crissa,we had a vincenzo iozzo that got to chicago in 1912 from san nicola with a wife named rosa and left her in valle longa calabria and then married another rosa from cosenza.this vincenzo had two brothers vito and domenico,both went to uraguay,vito was left behind domenico and his father giuseppe antonio left back to go to italy.vincenzo better known as jimmy had a catering business and did flowers.if you have any interest in knowing more my e-mail is

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