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Need some help

on July 1, 2010

I am trying to find a resource online regarding the burial process of World War I soldiers in France so I can finish the life story of my Michael Kokoska and submit it for publication. I have Googled lots of search options and am not finding what I want. Has anyone come across a resource I can use?

I put in a request for a book through Interlibrary Loan called Soldier Dead so I will have that resource, but if I am able to find something sooner, that would be great. I’m feeling the momentum to get this finished.


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One response to “Need some help

  1. Have you looked at: After The Ruins: Restoring the Countryside of Northern France after the Great War, by: Hugh Clout
    Available through amazon, excerpt from google books on page 295:

    World War I by Jennifer D. Keene (see page 192)

    Or maybe,
    Funerals, politics, and memory in modern France, 1789-1996 by Avner Ben-Amos

    Handbook of Death and Dying, by Clinton D. Bryant (p. 160)

    I found a lot of possible results using the search phrase “burial soldiers WWI France” in Google Books

    Good luck


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