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Madness Monday – Naval Armed Guard Enemy Encounters

on June 7, 2010

The more I research my family history, and history in general, the more questions I have. One question I am not sure I will ever have answered is what kind of enemy encounters did my grandfather have during his service as a Naval Armed Guardsman in WWII? The War deeply affected him and he was not the same after he returned home. I would love to know the truth of his service, but know that is not likely.

The family story is, depending on who is telling it, that my grandfather’s ship (which one we don’t know) was hit by a German Sub which caused a lot of destruction and death. The other story is his ship was hit in one of the gun nests by a Kamikaze pilot. The only theory I have at this point as that another ship in one of the convoys suffered damage by the enemy and he was a witness to that damage.

I have the Smooth Logs, Captain’s Logs, and Armed Guard reports, all of which say basically the same thing, NO ENEMY ENCOUNTER. I have convoy numbers but have read that there is not a log or report by convoy that describes voyages.

Do any other records exist that might answer my question?

2 responses to “Madness Monday – Naval Armed Guard Enemy Encounters

  1. Sometimes you can find out stories by contacting people who served with your ancestor / others on the same ship.
    Welcome to the Geneabloggers family!

    • I was able to find someone who served on the same ship, about 10 years ago, starting the day my grandfather got off the ship. He didn’t know him but gave me a nice summary of his experiences on the ship. Gave me more of an idea what my grandfather’s days might have been like. Other than that, have been unsuccessful in finding any other ship mates, but have had luck with my Flying Tiger cousin’s AVG friends.

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